木村ワックス(Wax Kimura)は1995年生まれ、東京都出身。2016年から アメリカ、韓国、スリランカへアート留学を経験したのち不動産業と金融業を学ぶ。東京を活動拠点とする現代アーティスト。初期作品から「アクリルペイント」にフォーカスしており、「ワックスアート」と呼ばれる整髪料を使用した技法で表現される見事な色彩が国内外問わず評価されている。


Wax Kimura was born in 1995 and is from Tokyo. After studying abroad in the United States, South Korea, and Sri Lanka from 2016, he studied real estate and finance. A contemporary artist based in Tokyo. Focusing on “acrylic paint” from his early works, the wonderful colors expressed by the technique using hair styling products called “wax art” are highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas. Representative works include the “Yggdrasill” series. He develops art works that represent streets such as Harajuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi. Actively active on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Kimura, who has been fond of drawing since he was a child, admired Eiichiro Oda, the creator of “One Piece,” and his art classes were always highly evaluated. There, he studied oil painting and drawing such as Picasso, and while he was interested in the techniques and expression techniques of historical artists, he was also interested in street culture. The experience of the transition of Shibuya culture from the 15’s to the 22’s had a great influence on Kimura’s style.

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